SMFI offers innovative procurement solutions to Energy & Chemicals, Power and Mining Clients.

SMFI’s global procurement network provides value pricing on equipment, materials, and services. The company’s experts are experienced in strategic sourcing, material management, contract management, and logistics.

    Structural Steel
  • Strategic sourcing with affiliates on the same property
  • Established network of steel mills for spot / market opportunistic procurement

  • Strategic sourcing with affiliates and strategic partners in close proximity, permitting cost effective fabrication of very large and complex spools in the shop
  • Local fabrication to support up to 10,000 Diameter Inches (DI) per week of Carbon Steel
  • Local fabrication to support up to 3,000 DI per week of Alloy
  • Overseas fabrication strategic partners that can support up to 10,000 DI per week of both Carbon Steel and Alloy
  • Integrated Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS), expediting, logistics

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