SMFI offers comprehensive pre-commissioning capabilities.

SMFI has the infrastructure required to support extended pre-commissioning of a module.

600V up to 2000 amp power supply and fiber optic communications are strategically installed throughout the perimeter of the yard's facility to facilitate pre-commissioning and field acceptance test activities.

During project planning, experienced SMFI teams work with project teams to develop pre-commissioning plans, as well as electrical and instrumentation test plans.

The teams identify key module locations and optimize module siting in the yard for low voltage and medium voltage power and DCS communications access. This allows efficient, flexible, and timely pre-commissioning testing, for successful turnover and start up.

SMFI integrates these electrical and instrumentation aspects into any module execution plan, from simple testing of mechanical conventional modules through to advanced scopes for a 3rd Gen Modular ExecutionSM style or “plug and play” module scope.

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