SMFI has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of fabrication and modular assembly solutions to meet Clients’ cost and schedule objectives.

Optimizing the design of the modules in the early phases of project design provides Clients the benefits of improved cost and schedule compression.

SMFI’s expert modularisation team works closely with project teams across all disciplines, including piping, steel, electrical, and instrumentation, to evaluate the merits and feasibility of a modular construction strategy as well as off-site fabrication plans to meet Client needs on projects in Canada.

SMFI’s approach includes:

  • Optimizing steel designs and connection designs for both manufacturing and assembly
  • Incorporating an efficient design of the fabricated pipe to benefit fabrication as well as any necessary position welds or hydro-testing
  • Influencing the design of electrical and instrumentation scope within the modules to enhance installation and pre-commissioning
  • Collaboration with rigging and logistics experts to develop module transport and installation plan
  • Coordination with project and heavy-haul contractors to establish module size and weight that can be utilized based on site configuration
  • Incorporate robust Workface Planning processes in order to develop definitive scopes of work for each module which maximizes productivity in the module yard
  • Provision of go-by documents for modularisation execution
  • Optimizing project schedules that incorporate modularisation
  • Application of proven sophisticated materials management, document control, progress tracking and turnover management systems to streamline the flow of information throughout the fabrication and modularisation process


Read about SMFI’s comprehensive approach providing single-source accountability for:

Fabrication and Assembly Expertise
SMFI has full-service fabrication, assembly and installation capabilities to support Client projects in Canada.
SMFI Procurement Solutions
With a global procurement network, SMFI offers innovative procurement solutions.
SMFI offers Pre-commissioning for Infrastructure Clients
SMFI supports extended pre-commissioning of modules.
SMFI uses latest project automation tools & systems
SMFI uses the latest project automation tools and systems to deliver projects safely, cost-effectively and on schedule.