Client Industries

Supreme Modular Fabrication Inc. (SMFI) provides fabrication and modular construction services to Clients in diverse markets across Canada.

Clients are seeking companies offering construction services in controlled, less costly work environments.

Interest in modularisation is strong across industries. Clients find it increasingly difficult to meet field labour resource quantity and skill set requirements. Projects are increasingly larger scale and are often sited in more remote locations. Clients turn to SMFI to address these issues.

SMFI’s modular approach to project execution offers distinct advantages over traditional “stick-build” construction through:

  • Shortened construction schedule
  • Reduced site field direct and indirect costs
  • Reduced peak craft workforce on-site
  • Minimized impact of severe weather constraints
  • Reduced site congestion and improved safety performance
  • More controlled environment, yielding improved end product quality
  • Improved overall cost and schedule certainty

SMFI is a proven supplier to Canada’s rich energy and resource markets including:

SMFI Client focus in Energy & Chemicals
Whether Clients are investing in greenfield, production expansion or retrofit capital projects, Energy & Chemicals Clients can use modular construction and fabrication extensively. SMFI manufactures structural modules, stair towers, equipment modules, process modules, pipe racks, complex electrical and instrumentation modules, electrical houses (E-houses) and substations.
Module Power Capabilities
SMFI’s fabrication solutions on power projects lower Clients’ carbon footprints and enable direct hire construction labour in the form of fabrication shop labour. Typical fabrication components include heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), pipe racks, and process and utility system modules.
SMFI Module Fabrication for Mining Clients
Canada’s mining projects are frequently located in remote areas and harsh environments where off-site fabrication options present the best solutions for project execution. Typical modules include feed thickening plants, conveyor and material handling systems, power and utilities, and water treatment facilities along with supporting infrastructure.