SMFI Management

Supreme Modular Fabrication Inc. is led by Herb Hill, an experienced professional. Mr. Hill brings diverse and significant industry experience to his role with SMFI.

Herb Hill
General Manager

Herb Hill joined Supreme Modular Fabrication Inc. (SMFI) in August 2015 and assumed the responsibility for the full day-to-day operations of the organization on September 14, 2015.

In his role as General Manager, Herb is responsible for the leadership and strategic visioning of SMFI. He has overall responsibility for safety, quality, project management, project execution, finance, human resources and customer service.

Herb has significant experience in the Fabrication and Modularization industry where he held various senior management roles.

He holds a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from the University of Alberta along with various safety accreditations including STS-C Certification.