Fabrication Yard

SMFI Fabrication Yard Facilities and Capabilities

SMFI’s yard near Edmonton sits on 52+ acres with an annual capacity of 18,000 metric tonnes.

The yard can accommodate over 100 full-size Alberta modules (24 ft. x 120 ft.) at any given time.

The yard is easily accessible to the Alberta high-load corridor (24’ x25’6” x120’ @170MT), and positioned to take advantage of an additional, future northern high-load corridor.

The fabrication yard offers assembly, pipe fabrication, and steel fabrication capabilities.

SMFI’s facility has the physical infrastructure to support 600 full-time craft and supervision, as well as 90 staff and Clients.

SMFI leverages industry-leading processes, tools, systems, and technical expertise to optimize constructability and control the cost of Clients’ projects.

SMFI delivers confidence of project cost and schedule performance to help ensure an optimal return on the Clients’ investments.

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